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The unfortunate reality of coronavirus (COVID-19) is that the effects are not only impacting our supply of toilet paper for some reason, but it has also rippled into every part of every-day life. Whether is warranted or not is debatable, but nonetheless it is happening. Events are being cancelled, towns are in lock down, schools are closing, professional sports cancelled, grocery stores are empty, and the list goes on.

Now may be the time to consider implementing or amending business continuity plans to take into consideration this kind of disruption. We are all fortunate that technology allows most of us to work remotely, which can help decrease the risk of infection, but this is not the only risk. If a key person becomes ill, the temporary loss of that key person is itself a business disruption. 

Most of us at Swayze have small children who have had schools cancelled forcing us to be home for sudden childcare needs. Fortunately, ALL of us have the ability to work from home. We all have the ability to answer calls, return emails, and work from home as if it were a normal day for the exception of a few extra interns as

pictured (Emilie's dogs Ellie and Wojtek). We will have no disruption in our business so please rest assure we are here for you.

However, we cannot help but wonder what's coming next from the regulators. While we're not going to hold our breath or bank on a delay for the annual amendment filings which are due March 31st, it is possible. Only a week ago they announce postponement of other filings. We are watching closely and even putting a call into our local congressman for the suggestion. It would make sense since our clients are busy taking the time to calm nerve of anxious investors. Time will tell...

Meanwhile, stay well!

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